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CEL is a Piece of The Saint Louis Art Fair Puzzle

Congratulations to Cultural Festivals, Saint Louis Art Fair Executive Director Cindy Lerick and tenacious Operations Manager Laura Miller for pulling off their 20th Anniversary Event!

Ranked one of the top art fairs in the country, The Saint Louis Art Fair celebrated with a bang! A big fireworks show called, “Art that Sparks” lit up the night after days filled with art from 181 artists from across the country and parts of the world. And, Zombies hit the streets of Clayton on Saturday in the form of a flash mob that danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

CEL was pleased to put the Saint Louis Art Fair in the media spotlight with a focus on this year’s theme: You’re a Piece of the Puzzle. With press kits containing a customized puzzle made from the image of the commemorative print, we intrigued and lured the media in to report our stories of art and the passionate artists behind it. We secured more than 100 television, radio, newspaper, magazine and online stories on the event.

We help our clients create news-making events. What kind of an event would you place within your marketing and public relations strategy? How could you utilize that event to attract new business and bring your message to the marketplace in a creative, effective and lasting way?

Published on: September 12, 2013