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Marketing Strategy Hot Buttons

Your marketing strategy is a control panel of switches for powering your business in the coming year. Do you know the hot buttons to push to drive a surge of customers your way?

In an effort to help business owners evaluate what’s working and what’s not, CEL created an easy assessment tool. It’s a Marketing and Public Relations Scorecard that helps you define your strengths and weaknesses within your marketing plan. If you would like us to share it with you, simply email a request to

Throughout the year, the marketing and PR professionals at CEL tune into attention-getting strategies with documented ROI. Here are three marketing hot buttons that we recommend focusing on.

Button #1 – Be Succinct and Consistent

•Speak clear, concise and consistent marketing messages to strengthen your brand.

•Create a marketing schedule and stick to it.

•Reel them in with repetition! Stay in front of your customers for best results.

Button #2 – Tune into Technology

Your potential customers are gathering information in many ways and with multiple devices, so think about speaking to them wherever they’re tuning in. Market in print, on the Internet and the smart phone, and engage customers in conversation through social media.

Button #3 – Tell a Verbal and Visual Story

What grabs your attention within your stack of mail, on websites, Facebook or on TV? Crazy videos are going viral and so are photos of babies and animals, so use your creativity and get a piece of the action!

Flip the switch on writing your marketing strategy and push the hot buttons of success!

Published on: November 21, 2013