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Unsubscribe from Your Junk Emails with an Email Subscription

Are you still unconsciously deleting junk emails or subscriptions every week? Every day? Well there is a quick and easy fix to organize all of your email subscriptions, including ones you don’t even know about. The answer? Subscribe to one more email.


Let us explain. It’s called Unroll.Me, and it is our very early Christmas present to you (don’t expect another one at Christmas). All you need to do is enter your email–Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo mail only right now–and accept the terms. It will gather all of email newsletters to which you are subscribed. and it may be more than you think, but don’t panic!


Unroll.Me then gives you the list of subscriptions and offers two options: “Add to Rollup” or “Unsubscribe.” By adding a subscription to the rollup, it adds it to the list of newsletters that will be delivered to you in one clean and simple email. This email will be delivered in the morning, afternoon, or evening depending on your preference.

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You can return to Unroll.Me anytime to manage your subscriptions. Just like that, your email subscription problem is solved. Now don’t forget to add SMI to your rollup…


Published on: March 10, 2015