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JCPenney Releases New Logo: Part II

The new logo made its debut during the retailer’s spring marketing campaign as the “exclusive retail sponsor” of the Academy Awards show on Sunday, Feb. 27.

So far, reviews of the new logo have been positive for the most part. It just so happens that the Helvetica font of the new logo is the same font that was used in Gap’s rebranding efforts – which failed so quickly that the original logo was reinstated. So what did JCPenny do right?

The new logo retains the color red like the last logo, as well as the same font. It changes the case of the type to all lowercase, but it still has the same feel and originality as the first logo. It is an updated look with minor – not major or drastic – changes.  Customers can still easily identify the brand with the new logo without having to readjust to a completely new look.

What are your thoughts about the new logo?

Published on: March 10, 2011