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Social Media Impacts a Pet Grooming Business

Many businesses in varying industries wonder what, if anything, social media can do for them, and every industry is different when it comes to forming a social media strategy. Other times, social media can have an effect on a business without a direct posting to a social media site.

In one example of this, Chanhassen Groomers gained a client from a post on Facebook by Noah’s Memorial Classic, a charity golf event benefitting SIDS research.

“Donating to Noah’s benefit already got me a new client and the event hasn’t even happened yet,” the owner of Chanhassen Groomers told CEL employee, Chelsea Janke. The new client to Chanhassen Groomers, whom had also liked Noah’s Memorial Classic on Facebook, was on the social media site when a posting came up thanking Chanhassen Groomers for their donation to the cause.

She had been searching for a new grooming salon for her dog for a while and after seeing the post, went in to check the place out since they support the same cause. One single post on Facebook resulted in a new ongoing client. “Best $50 I ever donated,” the owner concluded.

Do you have a story of how social media has had an effect on your business?



Published on: July 14, 2014