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Is This the Year for a Strategic Change in Your Business?

Is This the Year for a Strategic Change in Your Business?

It’s been said that “change is the one thing that we can count on” in life.

What changes are you anticipating for this year? Are you ahead of the change game – or struggling to catch up and hang on to what you have?

“Change Readiness Is the New Change Management” is the title of a Harvard Business Review OnPoint article by Chris Mussel White and Tammie Plouffe. They and others propose that one must lead and navigate today’s business with ready-for-change attitude.   We’re in agreement with their key components of this management style: change awareness, agility and the ability to analyze and react in a timely manner.

Colleagues and clients are requesting nimble and proactive communications internally and externally in anticipation of pending changes. Preparing the team goes a long way to increasing positive outcomes and reducing negative rumors and behaviors in the midst of change. We’re not proponents of the Pollyanna approach (or what we refer to as the “ostrich with his head in the sand” approach.) Experience has proven that the proactive approach pays off.

Take stock in your management style – change ready or in denial?   While you’re in the midst of implementing your new year strategies, consider your plans for managing and communicating change.

Published on: February 3, 2015