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5 Qualities to Keep Your Website Updated

5 Qualities to Keep Your Website Updated

Making the decision to build a new website can be a tough one. There are multiple web design options and trends to consider to keep your website current.

Be cognizant of these five important qualities for your new website:

  1. More scrolling, less clicking
    Remember when users had to move their mouse to the right side of the computer screen to click on the scroll bar and drag it down? Well, those days are gone and now it is easier to scroll than it is to click.
  1. Multimedia displays and interaction
    As you may have guessed, visuals and animation are a crucial part of new websites. Full screen videos, parallax designs, and material design are great starters for keeping users engaged and interested in your website.
  1. Layout
    Layout will be the most important aspect of your site. The layout of a website depends on the goals and objectives the site needs to achieve. A few of the best layouts include split screens, block grids, and parallax.
  1. No more fold
    Keeping content “above the fold” is no longer a major problem in web design. Of course you’d like to have a key message and some vital information above that fold, but with users more likely to scroll a site quickly, it is best to have content spread out and uncluttered. This way, you can attract the user’s attention throughout the site as they scroll.
  1. The need for speed
    Making sure your site has ample load time is key. Can a couple of seconds in load time really make a difference? Absolutely. Keep in mind 1 in 4 users abandon a web page that takes more than four seconds to load!

These website trends, along with many others, continue to gain momentum and have a profound impact on how websites perform and positively impact brands. How does your current website measure up?

Published on: October 5, 2015