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Tell Your Story… In the Media

In July we gave you a few tips for securing media coverage. When you step into the media spotlight, your intent is to tell your story so readers, listeners and viewers can get to know you and your company. Sometimes it will be a story about you and other times, you may be just a piece of a bigger story.  But, why is media relations an important part of your marketing strategy?

Sharing your story in the media allows you to go beyond the page of an ad and have a more lasting impact on your customers. Think of it this way: what are you more likely to remember, a print ad by P & G for Pampers or the heartwarming P & G television commercials celebrating mom during the Olympics?

A news story is effective. Through an article or video, customers can see and hear from you directly and through your quotes or sound bites you have the potential to earn their trust.

When pitching your story to the media, define your news angle, aka share something that is unique or interesting about your company, but appealing to the reporter and his or her audience. Whenever possible, piggy back on topics and issues that are already in the news.  For example, when a big story breaks about a house fire caused by bad wiring, the media tends to turn to electrical experts to better understand how it happens. And, when there’s a lice outbreak in Twin Cities schools, the media wants to talk to our client, The Minnesota Lice Lady. Timely news. Timely response.

On the lighter side, does your company sponsor an annual event? Work closely with your community? Are you being honored with a special award? All of these stories have a newsworthy angle and will positively represent your business in the media.

Utilize the media to let your heart, passion, life and business experiences come through to your audience. This will make them feel more connected to you, enhancing your business relationship.

Published on: August 8, 2013