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10 Questions to Consider When Defining Your Target Audience

10 Questions to Consider When Defining Your Target Audience

We all know the importance of identifying our target audience and creating a relatable key message to reach them. However, when we ask someone to define their target audience, we often hear the same thing: male/female age 35 – 55, in the Twin Cities proper, income of $75k +, not a price shopper but a value shopper. Therefore, it’s important to fine tune your market as much as possible for the best marketing and PR outcomes.   

The reality is that methods of reaching out to a 31-year-old woman with a toddler, who works, uses Facebook, lives in the heart of the city but continues to rent will be different than how you connect with a 40-year-old, stay at home mom with a 10-year-old who lives in the suburbs. So, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you get the most out of your marketing: 

  1. Does your audience have young children, older children or no children?
  2. What music is most popular within your target audience?
  3. Do they frequently travel for pleasure or business?
  4. Are they decisions makers or influencers?
  5. How are they using social media?
  6. What is their job title?
  7. Do they own or rent their home? 
  8. What is their age, gender and general geographical location?
  9. Where do they “hang out” online?
  10. Where are they hanging out in their geo area? Any trending places?
  11. Where is their largest network of friends and professional relationships located?

Remembering that you are not the audience (in most cases) can be tough, but it’s important to step out of your own shoes and into your target market. If you have a great partnership with a few current customers, take a moment to ask them the questions above. Some businesses refer to this type of information gathering as a focus group. Whatever you call it, take advantage of the rapport you have built within your business and continue to learn with your clients/customers.  

Once you have identified your audience in depth, you will find it easier to find them online and in the field, capture their attention and leave a lasting impression. 


Published on: July 28, 2016