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Nagy Service Company

Nagy Service Company of Mentor, Ohio retained CEL to refine their brand identity, increase awareness and visibility of Nagy Service Company, and ultimately increase sales by positioning
them as the leading plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical company in Northeast Ohio.

For four decades, the Nagy Service brand was known primarily as plumbing and contracting services, in spite of the fact that they had moved out of contracting and expanded services offerings to include heating, cooling and electrical. Although Nagy had always had a commitment to giving back to the community, they didn’t feel comfortable touting their generosity in the community and in the press. As a result, their good deeds went un-noticed, along with opportunities to inspire others with their giving spirit.

Build the Nagy brand by defining a strong tagline and consistent key messages that convey their company assets stemming from their roots as a family-owned business, serving Northeast Ohio for more than six decades.

CEL prominently placed this message within all marketing initiatives, along with strong family values, high ethical standards, technical expertise and service with integrity. The logo was modified to reflect the scope of services and a new service phone number was created. NAGY-411 would be attention getting and easy to use. The new communications campaign was implemented within all collateral, web and on the fleet of Nagy Service trucks.

A media campaign was launched to further enhance the brand and attract new customers who would see Nagy as the leading service provider in the area. In preparation, CEL took the
Nagy team through a media training process that included on-camera practice interviews. Media angles were defined and a plan for one media placement per quarter was implemented.
CEL also secured an opportunity for owner Chris Nagy to provide expert advice within a local women’s journal for one year. CEL gathered information from Nagy and wrote educational
articles on everything from home comfort to home safety.

Branding and consistency of key messaging has attracted new customers and media calls. Revenues have increased over the past year because homeowners turn to Nagy as their “service partner,” the company they trust because they deliver service with integrity in the comfort of their home. The Nagy brand continues to gain momentum as the key messages are consistently spoken within all print and verbal communications. In addition, employees feel more confident about what they are selling and customers are clearer on what they’re buying and how it will be delivered.

Nagy Service Company has become the home service provider that newspapers and local television stations turn to for expertise on plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical. $150,000
in new revenue is linked to Nagy’s recent brand enhancement and marketing and public relations initiatives. “The changes that we made together as far as branding and the media positioning that has taken place as a direct result of our working with CEL will continue to pay huge returns for many years to come.”

As a result of television coverage of a pipe replacement job that Nagy donated to a copper theft victim, customers have said they can better protect themselves from theft. In addition, calls of
commendation have come in from homeowners who say that when they need service, they will call Nagy. Nagy Service Company continues to dominate Cleveland television coverage of their
industry, offering expertise on everything from frozen pipes to saving money on heating bills.

Published on: April 12, 2012