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Retired Army Major General Speaks Out on Sexual Assault in the Military

Sixteen years after unraveling a highly visible military sex scandal, Retired U.S. Army Major General Robert D. Shadley still has his hand on the string and is speaking out again because the military has not addressed the sexual assault problem aggressively.

In his newly released book, The GAMe – Unraveling a Military Sex Scandal, Shadley allows readers to walk by his side as he unravels of the GAM (“Game ale military”) at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in 1996. This abuse of power was the basis for the insidious efforts of drill sergeants and other instructors at military bases to obtain sexual favors from female trainees.

Leading his team through the months of uncovering the GAMe, getting help to the victims, and unveiling the felony-level sexual assaults that were occurring, Shadley ranks the experience as the most challenging time of his military career. He had the attention of the Army’s senior leadership, the national media, US Congress, women’s organizations and many other influential people. He also witnessed, first hand, how politics becomes enmeshed in such a highly volatile issue.

CEL is honored to provide media relations support to promote this book and schedule local and national media interviews for General Shadley to talk about this important issue. He says, ““Sexual assault is not a women’s issue. It’s a force protection issue.”

The e-book is available now at and copies of his book will be available beginning April 5th.

Hear General Shadley speak at The Wayzata Prayer Breakfast at Wayzata Country Club on April 26th at 7:00 am

Meet General Shadley at: a book signing at The Bookcase in Wayzata on April 27th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm.

Published on: April 1, 2013