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Checklist: Inspect for Success

Checklist: Inspect for Success

What changes are required for your business to thrive? Even well-oiled machines need an inspection once in a while and it’s best to inspect at the beginning of the year, so you can tune things up, if necessary!

Start with a checklist. What things do you think have the biggest impact on growth and revenue generation this year? Here are some suggestions to get you started on your list:

1. Business Strategy

Have you documented your company goals and a plan for reaching them? You can’t strive to reach something, if you don’t know what you’re reaching for. Make sure to document your strategy and keep revisiting it throughout the year.

2. Brand

Where does your brand stand? Is it clear? Does it reflect who you are today, or is it stuck in the past? Does it need to be refreshed? Ask your staff for their input, and if you’re unsure, consult a professional. Download our brand checklist to get started!

3. Messaging

Is your messaging clear and concise? Do the messages address the needs of your target market? If not, update them. If you’re not sure of what changes to make, ask your favorite customers what keeps them coming back!

4. Sales

Does your sales team have the tools they need to sell your company to prospective clients/customers? Do they have presentations and handouts that emit pride and confidence? Make sure all your tools look good and keep them updated.

5. Marketing/Public Relations

How are you getting your message to the marketplace? Do you have a documented plan? Are you clear on what has worked in the past? Are there areas of your business that could use a boost? Make a plan and be consistent with implementing it. 

6. Staffing

Do you have the staff you need to reach your goals? Do you need to ramp up or make changes? If your gut says “yes,” don’t hesitate. Do it now.

7. Customer Service

Do you have happy customers? Are you meeting their needs and making their lives easier? Is there room for improvement? If so, set a new protocol with your team.

Good people, good systems and good leadership make great companies, so take the time to inspect yours and make necessary tune-ups. The time it takes will be worth the investment!

Published on: February 12, 2015