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7 Ways Search And Social Media Have Converged

It was bound to happen. Inevitable. And now, it has.

We’re talking about the convergence of search and social media. But there’s more to it than simply Google starting its own social networking website called Google Plus.

The marriage between search and social goes much deeper, although Google Plus is a fine start.

Here are 7 ways you’ll see more search in social and more social in search in the months and years ahead:

  • Google+ – Google’s social network is also going to be the flagship search product for the Internet giant. Build your reputation here first, and then branch out from there.
  • YouTubeYouTube is the second largest search engine online in the world. It’s also one of the top 5 social networks. That’s all we need to say.
  • Bing/Facebook – Bing and Facebook have worked together for a couple of years now. You can use Bing to ask your Facebook friends for information on any topic, or see which of your Facebook friends has posted information about a certain topic. Conversely, you can use Facebook to search for information on many topics and see Bing results.
  • Bing/Quora – Bing will also tell you who is active on Quora and whether they’ve discussed a particular topic that you searched for.
  • Search Engine Results – On Google and on Bing you will often find Tumblr, Twitter, or even Facebook results, and you already know you can find YouTube videos through search.
  • Conduit – Conduit allows anyone to create a toolbar. When you create a toolbar for your niche using Conduit, you can add a search box to the toolbar that is powered by Bing.
  • Search Plus Your World – Google+ has already been mentioned, but a distinction must be made between Google+ as a social network and search tool and Search Plus Your World, which is a way for you to search the Internet by either choosing information available to you through your Google+ network or across the entire Web.

Look for search and social media to grow more intertwined as time goes by.

We’re just getting started!

Published on: April 15, 2013