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Add Contacts Quickly with App of the Week

Don’t have time to sit down and enter contact information for all of those business cards you’ve been collecting? No problem. Our App of the Week allows you to take a picture and move on with your busy day. CardMunch by LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to add your new business contacts to your phone quickly.

CardMunch lets its users take a picture of a business card they have collected. Once you have taken a picture of the business card, it takes the app just a couple of minutes to take the information and make it into a contact. After the contact is made in the app, you are able to save it to your phone’s address book, too.

You can also choose to connect with imported contacts via LinkedIn. The app has also recently updated, giving users the option to auto-add all imported contacts.

It seems to be more convenient than adding each contact manually. Would you use the app?

Published on: March 13, 2014