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C.E.L. Client is Finalist for a 2014 Midwest Book Award

The Midwest Independent Publishers Association has named retired U.S. Army Major General Robert D. Shadley as a finalist for a Midwest Book Award.

Within his book, “The GAMe–Unraveling a Military Sex Scandal“, General Shadley introduces readers to an abuse of power at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in 1996 that was the basis for the insidious efforts of drill sergeants and other instructors at military bases to obtain sexual favors from female trainees.

C.E.L. obtained widespread local and national media coverage surrounding the book, including National Public Radio, CNN, The Washington Post, and USA Today. We continue to support General Shadley as he speaks to service men and women at military bases and organizations across the country.

Within his 33-year career as a military leader, General Shadley guided more than 3,500 military men and women in comb and more than 20,000 students in training.

Published on: April 22, 2014