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Marketing/PR Strategy is Roadmap to Award-Winning Success

Warmest congratulations to Cindy Lerick, Laura Miller and their team at the Saint Louis Art Fair for taking home the Grand Silver Pinnacle Award, along with numerous other awards from the International Festival & Events Association (IFEA). The 2012 Saint Louis Art Fair was recognized with gold, silver and bronze awards in multiple categories. The prestigious Pinnacle Awards recognizes the highest degree of excellence in festival and event promotions and operations.

CEL is proud to work as public relations partner to the Saint Louis Art Fair, and play a role in their success, particularly the Gold Award for Best Media Relations Campaign!

Look at this list of awards!

5 Gold Awards

•Best TV Promotion

•Best Commemorative Print

•Best Miscellaneous Onsite Decor

•Best Individual Sponsor Follow-up Report

•Best Media Relations Campaign

6 Silver Awards

•Best Miscellaneous Multimedia

•Best Promotional Poser

•Best Street Banners

•Best T-Shirt Design

•Best Targeted Sponsor Solicitation Package

•Best Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management Plan for an event

2 Bronze Awards

•Best Company Image Pieces

•Best Individual Sponsor Follow-up Report

A big round of applause for Cindy, Laura and all!

Published on: September 30, 2013