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Finalsite University Recap

Insights and Innovations to Take Your School Communications to the Next Level

Are you curious about the latest trends, best practices, and creative solutions for Finalsite products? Finalsite University had it all! There was something for everyone, from sessions on website design and digital marketing to deep dives into Finalsite’s powerful tools, features, and upcoming improvements (spoiler alert: Finalsite AI!).  

The event brought together Finalsite experts to share their expertise and help marketing and school communications professionals take their Finalsite experience to the next level. Chelsea Janke, Vice President of Integrated Marketing, and Andrew Hagen, Integrated Communications Coordinator, attended and presented at Finalsite University. If you missed their session on Top Website Wins or Finalsite Features Uncovered, read on for a couple of highlights from their presentations

We’re also taking a closer look at some key takeaways from the event and how you can optimize your Finalsite experience. Whether you’re a longtime Finalsite user or just getting started, you won’t want to miss this insider’s perspective on Finalsite University.

Keynote: Finalsite CEO Jon Moser — Revolutionizing EdTech: Embracing Creativity and Innovation For a Better Future

During his keynote speech at Finalsite University, Jon Moser, the CEO of Finalsite, discussed the potential for generative AI technology to transform school marketing, communications, and admissions processes.

The most exciting announcement of the day? Finalsite AI – Finalsite’s new generative AI assistant will support content creators in generating emails, SMS, social posts, and news stories in their own schools’ brand voice in one easy-to-use tool. Imagine waking up at 4 am to announce a snow day, and your AI assistant helps you craft the perfect messages within Finalsite, ready for you to edit before you’ve finished pouring your first cup of coffee. 

Finalsite AI screenshot

Additional Finalsite functionality will streamline the work you already do. A new Calendar module will replace Calendar Manager, and there’s a new, easier way to manage constituents and groups, through a module called People. Finally, the ability to edit and manage categories and tags in Posts — including merging tags (for example, Athletic and Athletics).

Takeaways from #FinalsiteUniversity23

As we talked with attendees, we heard all sorts of great takeaways — from “I didn’t know Finalsite could do that!” to “I can’t wait to try doing that with my site when I get home!”

Our friends at School District 622 North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale learned about the power of Constituent Manager to create a contact once and share them across the site.

The team at Mounds View Public Schools can’t wait to see the power of Finalsite AI and how it can help them create consistent, impactful messages that engage their community. They’re also excited to implement a few tips and tricks they picked up from Red Abbott, Vice President of Digital Marketing Services at Finalsite, about stepping up their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Power of Posts

And, in case you missed it, Chelsea Janke, Andrew Hagen, and Josh Sauer, Director of District Communications Strategy at Finalsite, presented on the power of Posts and Shared Content. 

How can Posts be used for before- and after-school child care?
Check out the
Kidstop School Age Care page at Osseo Area Schools

What about course catalogs?
Check out the new
Course Planning Guide at Emporia High School (Kansas) or the Courses & Registration Guide at Eden Prairie Online (Minnesota)

All three examples harness the power of categories, tags, and shared elements to create consistent information for website users.

Food for Thought from #FinalsiteUniversity23

Dr. Americus Reed II and Dr. Susan Enfield posed questions during their sessions to inspire deeper thinking about your brand, your stakeholders, and ultimately, your mission and values. How do you create brand loyalty, and how does your brand advance/advocate for excellence, equity, and innovation?

“When people have affection, connection, and passion for what you do, that creates brand loyalty.” - Dr. Americus Reed II

      • Focusing on positive and memorable experiences is essential to developing brand loyalty.
      • Investing in stakeholder needs, values, and preferences develops emotional connection.
      • A stakeholder who is passionate about a brand is more likely to promote it and become a brand advocate.

“If the pandemic did not cause the disruption in public education that so many predicted, what will it take for meaningful, sustainable change to take root in our schools?” – Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent of Washoe County School District (Nevada)

The essential trifecta for student success:

      • Excellence – necessary to ensure all students receive a high-quality education
      • Equity – critical to ensuring students have the resources and support they need to succeed
      • Innovation – essential to driving ongoing improvement, enabling educators to find new and more effective ways of teaching and learning.

Want to learn more about what Finalsite can do for you and your brand? Chat with Chelsea or Andrew to learn how we can help take your school communications to the next level.



Published on: April 3, 2023