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Why rebrand after many years in business?

Why rebrand after comfortably existing in the industry for decades? Mint Roofing (formerly Dalbec Roofing), a leading commercial roofing company located in the west metro area of Minneapolis, rebranded after 60+ years in business. Here’s what Michele Krolczyk, Co-owner and Marketing Manager at Mint Roofing, has to say about their decision for a switch:

“Our old name (Dalbec Roofing) looked and sounded like many other roofing contractors; it said nothing about the savvy, service-oriented business we’d become; there had not been a Dalbec in management in over 30 years; and, after 17 years of being the third-generation owners, we decided it was time to create a brand that made sense to continue investing in, update our look, and position us well for the future. In many ways, the new branding got the outside of the company caught up with the inside of the company,” reports Michele Krolczyk, co-owner and marketing manager of Mint Roofing.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” but what does that mean in the creative world of rebranding?

According to, after 70 years retaining a very similar campaign, another one of the most successful rebrands in recent years was the campaign for Old Spice. Former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa created product need, drawing emotion and feeling, in a lighthearted and humorous, comfortable space.

The Lesson: A clever campaign plus smart use of social media can produce a fresh identity, even for a brand that many associate with their grandfather’s deodorant. “Old Spice didn’t change its logo, it changed the experience,” (for example, a “scent vacation” in exotic locales), said Marc Shillum, principal at Method, Inc. a consulting agency for brand designs.

Companies that pay attention to the reaction of the customer, and react accordingly based on these clues capture sales. Successful companies build relationships based on a few meaningful key objectives, and evolve over time, growing with the process.

The positive transformation of a brand can successfully happen without compromising the integrity of yesteryear, but at the same time offering a cutting-edge, favorable brand experience.

Watch for the next discussion on the five tips for a successful rollout of a company’s brand.

Published on: October 19, 2012