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What Are You Talking About? A Conversation on Multigenerational Communication & Empowerment

What Are You Talking About? A Conversation on Multigenerational Communication & Empowerment

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Effective communication is critical, externally within your marketing and internally between your staff, colleagues, and clients/customers. However, some feel it’s more challenging of late, due to an evermore-present distinction between the ages, making it difficult to find the right words to connect with people on multiple levels, across multiple generations. For example, you may wonder how do you reach a generation that doesn’t answer their phone, doesn’t check voicemail, and uses 10 different digital channels and tools to communicate? On the other side of the coin, you may be wondering how people can be up to speed on anything without staying connected to feeds, posts, and online conversations.

Let’s put it into perspective. Are the dreams of Gen Xers any different from those of baby boomers when they were that age? Most likely, they are not. The only difference is that we all reach those goals in different ways.

Are some generational barriers self-imposed because we’re quick to label? Are good things passing us by as a result? It seems the magic happens when the voices of all generations come together. This is when we learn from each other, inspire, innovate, and move forward into a brighter future, but it’s a paradigm shift, particularly for baby boomers and above.

By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be millennials. Innovative changes are taking place. How will you adapt and embrace the future? Here are some leadership tips for managing, motivating, and communicating across generations:

What’s your choice for multi-generation communication? Face it, embrace it or change it? You choose. Look for the “Magic.”

Published on: January 11, 2016