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How Employees Help Your Business March to Success

Like an army marching in line, your staff must work together toward a common purpose. Yesterday was Bastille Day, an annual French holiday that celebrates the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in France. As part of the celebration, French troops march down the Champs-Èlysées in the Bastille Day Military Parade. So today, in honor of Bastille Day, we ask: are your troops marching in line, together in honor of your business?

When your team members understand the goals and values of your business and share your key messages when networking with prospective clients, it pays off immediately or down the road.  So, how can you ensure that it happens?

Hire people who share your values. It is important to select team members that share your vision. During interviews, make sure to ask candidates questions that will evoke an emotional response that paints a clear picture of their integrity and values.

Establish clear and achievable goals for your team. Set goals for the team as a whole and assign tasks to individuals based on their skillset. A project tracking system such as FunctionFox can help you manage these tasks.

Revisit the goals and measure success. Make sure to evaluate the progress you are making toward your goals. Quarterly or monthly evaluations will help you adjust your strategy to make it more effective. You can use your project tracking system to inform this evaluation.

Make sure your team members know your key messages and speak them consistently. Create no more than 3 key messages; we have discovered that any more than 3 makes the key messages hard to remember. Make sure your team uses these same key messages to make the company goal clear.

Celebrate success. Praise team members for a job well done and make sure to reward the entire team when a company goal is achieved. Don’t wait until the end of a project to celebrate, celebrate the little victories along the way to encourage further success.

Team members must share values and work together in order to accomplish company goals. So, move up the ranks and set the pace, march together and make a difference.


Photo Credit: Oliver Ortelpa

Published on: July 15, 2013