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Kentucky Roots Campaign Educates and Motivates People to Care for Trees

Kentucky Roots Campaign Educates and Motivates People to Care for Trees

How did the Kentucky Roots Campaign educate and inspire tree care in Northern Kentucky?

Put yourself in their shoes. How could a campaign bring your product or service to life?

Select an area of your business or organization that needs increased awareness to inspire action or identify a need within your target market to increase sales.

Trees are dying in Kentucky, so the Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry Council (NKUCFC) hired C.E.L. to create and implement a campaign that would educate people (including low-literacy adults) on the value of trees and inspire tree planting and care.

Create an attention-getting educational campaign that creatively highlights your product or service. Then, design supporting graphics that have energy, legs, and longevity. 

As a company recognized for educational tree campaigns ranging from the Fit Forest in Elgin, Illinois, to the award-winning International Trees Pay Us Back Campaign, we knew that in order to motivate change, we needed to appeal to the heart and soul of Kentuckians. They are a loyal group of people who have deep “roots” in the state, so we wanted to give the campaign a name that would appeal to them, and Kentucky Roots came to life. The Kentucky Roots logo looks good on a sign, a bus, a car window, a tattoo, and more, and it is serving it’s purpose: capturing attention.

Published on: November 3, 2014