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Social Media Seminar

With today’s social media tools, access to communities of prospective buyers is at the fingertips of small organizations – something that in the past has only been accessible to larger companies with multimillion-dollar budgets. However, the challenge for most organizations is managing the execution of social media in a manner that is relevant, measurable and effective.

Too often small and mid-size businesses try to utilize Web 2.0 social media tools such as blogs, LinkedIn and Twitter without a plan in place to ensure their success. Come learn how to get your company on the right track!

Attend this seminar and learn:
• Why social media is so critical for your business
• Why social media has become more critical NOW than ever before
• How to approach social media strategically so you can create an effective plan that really gets results.
• How to integrate social media with your brand

Presenters are:

Caroline Melberg,

Small Business Mavericks

Cindy Leines,

C.E.L. Public Relations

Space is limited so CALL NOW to reserve your spot!
Cost: $50/person
Tuesday, April 13 at C.E.L.
8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
Contact Chelsea Janke at or call 763.559.6058

Published on: December 31, 2009