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Do You Have Roots in Minnesota? We Do!

Do You Have Roots in Minnesota? We Do!

The Roots in Minnesota Campaign launches in the Twin Cities today! CEL created it in cooperation with the Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee (MnSTAC) and the Minnesota Society of Arboriculture (MSA) to educate homeowners on the value of trees and motivate tree planting and care.

Public/private partnerships like this educate, inspire, and build community. It’s a way to bring the talent, expertise, and connections of businesses and organizations together to expand the reach and impact of educational campaigns like Roots in Minnesota.

Trees have many benefits beyond their beauty. In a world with trees, we have cleaner air, better health, cleaner water, community pride, and we save money on our utility bills.

In a world without trees, we have dirtier air, poorer health, polluted water, more stress, more crime, and we spend more money to heat and cool our homes.

The Roots in Minnesota campaign has 5 tree care messages that we hope you will take home with you.

Plant Trees

We’re losing trees! So choose the right tree for the right place and plant it the right way.

Water trees

All trees need water. Old trees are thirsty. Young trees are thirstier!

Mulch trees properly

Did you know that piling mulch against a tree trunk can cause rot or death?

Prune for your trees’ health

Did you know pruning your trees the wrong way is harmful?

Keep clear of trunks and roots

Did you know it’s harmful to place and store things under a tree because it hurts the roots? 

Minnesota is the only state that celebrates trees for an entire month! Learn more about how you can be a steward of the urban forest at


Published on: April 24, 2015