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Using Color to Your Business Advantage

Using Color to Your Business Advantage

What did you have in mind when you selected your brand color? Is it simply your favorite or did you apply the psychology behind the colors?

From warm colors to cool colors, subtle, muted, bold, bright and vibrant, how do you choose the ones that will evoke the best emotion and reaction to what you’re selling?

According to Sally Augustin, Ph.D, environmental psychologist and internationally recognized expert on person-centered design. businesses can use color to their advantage. So, you might want to keep the following in mind the next time you rebrand or create a marketing campaign:

Blue is the most accepted color, maybe because it’s associated with clear blue sky and water.

Green sparks creativity and has a positive association between nature and regrowth.

Red reduces analytical thinking and creates faster and more forceful reactions.

(There’s a reason why red sports cars cost more to insure!)

Orange is associated with good value, which is why it’s used for clickable marketing campaigns.

Yellow is the least favorite color for most people, however those who like it are loyal.

Pink calms people down and they remain there, often drained of energy.

White distracts people from tasks at hand and makes the mind wander.

So, pick a color, any color, considering the potential impact on your brand reputation and sales!

You can read more from Dr. Augustine in Forbes Magazine.

Published on: June 8, 2016