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What businesses aren’t impacted by the “news on demand” phenomena?

Almost every business needs to take notice! If you service or sell to customers under the age of 40, you know you have to pay attention to the Internet, to the news on demand, and to the rapidly changing forms of communication. I think most of us agree that if your customers are teenagers, Facebook and social media is a key ingredient to your marketing. It wasn’t long ago that organizations targeting people over the age of 60 didn’t place a high priority on the Internet communication tools. According to Research & Market, published December 26, 2007 “Over 60’s will be a large and growing segment of the US Internet culture, growing from 17.7 million internet users in 2006 to 25.3 million by 2011 (43% increase).”

The ultimate question facing leaders in any business or nonprofit organization is how much time and resources should be used for social media? We can’t afford to ignore it…we must somehow control the costs like any other communication venture.

I want to hear your perspective on this issue – and, if you have found the perfect balance, please do share! Share what “news on demand” and social media is working for you and what isn’t working in the business and nonprofit world. Who is managing your social media marketing?

(Btw-Star Tribune just reported 11 minutes ago that “potentially hazardous vapors seeping from underground in a section of St. Louis Park”…no more waiting for the morning newspaper to read the news!)

Published on: January 28, 2008