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Will the FDA Approve “Corn Sugar”?

In an online article from ABC News Health, Jane E. Allen reported that manufacturers of high fructose corn syrup have petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permission to use the alternative name “corn sugar.” Allen explains that the Corn Refiners Association (which also makes ethanol, starch, corn oil and corn-based animal feed) feels its sweetener is “misunderstood.” The president of the association claims “corn sugar” more accurately describes what the natural ingredient is and where it comes from – corn. However, keep in mind that the making of the product involves processing the corn in order to produce a desired sweetness, which really takes the “natural” part out of the product.

Is this re-branding effort just a ploy to cover up the negative qualities of high fructose corn syrup? “Whether or not high fructose corn syrup is or is trying to be perceived as ‘healthy’ or ‘natural,’ the bigger issue is changing the name to cover up connotations,” said Stacy Slygh, Brand Specialist & Graphic Designer at CEL “Part of branding and re-branding is to create positive energy around a brand, but either way you still have to make sure it is an ethically sound decision that is not misleading.”

Does this new name mean that this product is any better for people to consume? Keep in mind that changing the name of a product is not the same as changing the ingredients or how the product is made.

What do you think about corn sugar vs. high fructose corn syrup? Would re-branding the name change your perception of HFC?

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Published on: September 22, 2010