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Key Message Boot Camp

Speaking consistent key messages is essential to branding small and midsize businesses, yet many don’t do it.  I’m co-owner of CEL in Plymouth and day after day, we meet business owners who can’t clearly articulate the service their company provides to their customers.  Therefore, neither can their employees.  There is power in the momentum that builds from everyone speaking the same message and it has the power to impact revenue.

In response, our firm is now taking clients through key message boot camp, designed to devise consistent key talking points and a business “elevator speech.” You simply can’t leave the office without it and you certainly can’t move on to further marketing without it.  Many companies have placed a multitude of messages on their websites, in brochures, and within ads, wiht no consistency.  We drill them on their current messages and lead a charge to fine tune and get ready to march to key message independence.

Published on: October 17, 2008