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Using Blogs and Social Media to Tell Your Story

Are you producing your own unique online content to actively engage your target audience? The Minneapolis–St. Paul Business Journal released a recent story about companies that are “on the edge of a leading trend in which businesses produce their own online media content as a part of broader communications strategies, writing and publishing news and feature articles, not just press releases and other promotional materials.”

No, it’s not about just having a website. It’s about delivering fresh, new content to readers at least two to three times per week that is unique, informative and stimulates discussion. Blogs and social media can encourage readers to comment, give feedback or ask questions, and they allow businesses and brands to respond directly to individuals with answers.

The article mentions Target Corporation as an example of a company that has established a beneficial blog that is getting heavy traffic. But keep in mind that it’s not just larger corporations that are utilizing blogs to connect with their target markets – numerous small businesses are using custom-branded blogs themselves to increase awareness and gain exposure. It’s a great way for businesses of all sizes to build a positive reputation and strengthen online presence, and it allows them to stay top-of-mind to customers.

Creating and maintaining a unique blog is an excellent way to encourage two-way communication between brands and customers or prospective customers (maintaining is the key word!).

Are you using a blog to tell your story?

Published on: December 22, 2011