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In 2002, C.E.L. AppDev came to C.E.L. to find out how public relations could help them bring the message of their top-notch technical learning company to the marketplace. They were an advertising driven company that had never experienced the power of public relations. They decided to get their feet wet with some C.E.L. consultation, provided to their marketing director and AppDev’s CEO, Craig Jensen and then move on to utilizing additional services as they successfully progressed.

When AppDev came to C.E.L., the country was in the middle of an economic downturn and businesses were downsizing and decreasing employee training. AppDev wanted to turn that challenge into an opportunity to sell their services and increase revenues.

To more clearly identify AppDev’s assets and goals for moving forward, C.E.L. started by writing a public relations strategy. In addition, work began on re-branding the company to more clearly communicate their extraordinary offerings and service with focus on fine-tuning their key messages.

In 2004, the VSLive! Conference presented an opportunity for AppDev to interact with their target market. C.E.L. came up with a plan to maximize the benefit of the trade show and the I Got Flashed campaign was born. 300+ people stood in line at the convention hall at VSLive!, waiting for the opportunity to “get flashed” by AppDev. The promotion was so successful that they implemented it for three additional years.

In 2006, with the help of C.E.L., KSource Online Learning became a powerful learning and reference solution for developer teams. It easily measures and manages the learning progress of teams with the administrative and reporting features for maximum ROI.
AppDev’s instructors are nationally recognized for delivering award-winning content to each desktop

In 2007, C.E.L. facilitated the process of naming and branding of AppDev Edge, a community website for sharing knowledge among industry professionals. A media campaign ensued and in addition to local media and numerous trade publications, the Wall Street Journal and CNBC picked up the story.

For the past six years, C.E.L. has used the power of PR to help Appdev win numerous awards and grow by ___%. The company recently expanded to Europe and C.E.L. made the announcement across the world, leading to once again placing AppDev in the international media spotlight. C.E.L.currently serves as AppDev’s in-house public relations department.

Company description for inclusion in design of case study:
AppDev is an award-winning technical learning company providing in-depth, real-world content in multiple formats including CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and new KSource Online Learning™. AppDev offers 80+ titles for today’s latest technologies including Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005, Business Intelligence, ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Basic® 2005, Visual C#® 2005 and more.   For more information on the AppDev training or for additional training and reference resources, contact AppDev at (800)578-2062 or

Published on: January 12, 2012