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Presidential “E” Award Brings Savillex to CEL

CEL client Savillex Corporation of Eden Prairie has earned a National Presidential “E” Award for U.S. Exporting to over 50 countries. They received the award from The U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington on May 20th and the Minnesota Commerce Department will honor them on June 19th at Savillex offices in Eden Prairie.

The Presidential “E” Award was created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 to recognize persons, firms, and organizations that significantly contribute to U.S. Exports.

In 2012, Savillex contributed to the all time U.S. export record in 2012 of $2.2 trillion, supporting nearly 10 million American jobs.

Savillex came to CEL with news of the award and a desire to obtain some good media coverage surrounding it. The award itself was big news, but we dug deeper and found the important work that is being done with Savillex products.

What did we find? Well, Savillex is one of few companies in the world to manufacture high-end fluoropolymer labware, sample introduction and custom products that maintain the highest level of purity and safety for trace metal analysis and other applications.

Trace metal labs around the world use Savillex products to analyze everything from contaminants in the environment to DNA samples in forensic laboratories. Geoscientists often link the existence of their entire industry to Savillex. Dr. Hai Cheng, manager of the University of Minnesota Isotope Lab uses Savillex beakers for trace element analysis on seawater and coral from the Pacific Ocean. He charts circulation patterns past and present, temperature and more, all critical for understanding climate change.

Savillex products are also used by one of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies who store their vaccines in the Savillex Purillex™ bottles. The superior, non-stick properties of the storage products assure preservation of all content and provide the ability to freeze the vaccine at cryogenic temperatures.

Anywhere there is a need to protect the material from the environment and the environment from the material, Savillex products can be used.

Watch for Savillex in the news!

Published on: June 18, 2013