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Travel Entertainment: #NSPRA2022 Edition

Surprises in travel are rarely the good sort — especially in 2022. If you find yourself waiting longer than you planned for that plane, train or automobile, it’s time to be entertained!

Fire up some tunes. It’s hard to be too angry when there’s great music coming through your earbuds. These K12prWell playlists on Spotify can lift your mood — and get you ready for any upcoming karaoke contests.

Play a game or solve a puzzle. These are free and mobile friendly!

Listen to a Story. Lose yourself in the narrative with any of these entertaining podcasts on the mobile platform of your choice.

  • The Moth Radio Hour features true stories, as remembered and told by the storyteller in front of a live audience. Listene.
  • Chicago Bronzeville is a scripted audio drama performed by a star-studded cast. It chronicles the community on Chicago’s South Side during the 1940s. 
  • Radiolab is well known for asking deep questions and finding answers through investigative journalism and a mix of science and curiosity. Radiolab ended in 2022 after 20 years of episodes that became known for innovation and the use of music to inform and explain.
  • Coffee With My Ma. Actress and podcast host Kaniehtiio Horn gives her mother a virtual stage for her legendary kitchen table storytelling. “Ma” is Kahn-Tineta Horn, a model in the 1960s and a fierce Mohawk advocate and shares incredible stories of love and resilience with plenty of laughs along the way.
  • This American Life episodes (all 750+ of them) are built to explore a single theme through a range of plot-rich stories.

Dying to listen to school PR wisdom? Check out our School PR Podcast Picks for favorite episodes from some of your favorite colleagues. 

Still working on your NSPRA schedule while you wait? CEL’s team is especially excited about these 15 sessions, and we’d love to see you there!

Published on: July 15, 2022