Public Relations & Media

Do you think public relations is only media relations? It is so much more. We will help you identify a public relations strategy to drive awareness, change attitudes and move people to action. It’s all about building trusting relationships with the customers you need to succeed.

Public relations leverages your earned media, social media and owned communication channels to achieve your goals. We’ve placed our clients in local and national media, from the Star Tribune, business publications, WCCO, KARE, KSTP, and FOX to the Washington Post, NPR and CNN. Media coverage builds brand awareness. Leverage it across multiple channels to drive results.

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Digital Diplomacy

When it comes to reputation management, our agency is your trusted partner in safeguarding and enhancing your brand’s image. We specialize in implementing proactive strategies to maintain a positive public perception and swiftly address any issues that may arise. Through meticulous monitoring of online conversations and media coverage, we keep a pulse on public sentiment, allowing us to respond effectively and mitigate potential reputational risks.

Whether it’s crafting messaging to address crises, engaging with stakeholders to build trust, or strategically positioning your brand as a leader in your industry, we ensure that your reputation remains strong and resilient. With our expertise and dedication, we help you navigate the complex landscape of public opinion, ensuring that your brand maintains its integrity and credibility over time.


Crafting Your Narrative

Our public relations agency serves as a strategic partner in managing and enhancing your reputation and image. Through a variety of tactics such as media relations, content creation, event planning, crisis management, digital outreach and more, we work to cultivate positive relationships with the public, media, stakeholders and influencers.

With our expertise in storytelling, messaging, and communication strategies, our PR agency effectively navigates the media landscape to secure favorable coverage and shape narratives that align with your objectives. By fostering trust, credibility and authenticity, we help elevate brands, drive engagement, and ultimately foster long-term success.

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Events that Echo

Our PR team specializes in elevating your events to new heights through strategic communication and engagement tactics. From the initial planning stages to the post-event buzz, we work tirelessly to ensure your event captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

We craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience, securing media coverage and coordinating with influencers to extend your event’s reach. With our expertise in crisis management, we stand ready to address any challenges that may arise, safeguarding your event’s reputation. With CEL by your side, your events become powerful platforms for brand recognition, community engagement and meaningful connections.


We’re Here to Help

For more than 35 years, CEL’s clients have trusted us as their communications partner — helping them strategically plan, implement, and ultimately grow using effective marketing and public relations tactics. No matter what your goal is, we help make it happen when we sign on with you. Telling your story and getting your message to your marketplace in a Creative, Effective, and Lasting way is our business – with a return on your investment.