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If crisis hits your company… do you have a plan?

What would you do if a staff member was seriously injured while on the job, protesters arrived on your premises, or an employee was found to be stealing? Are you prepared to respond in times of crisis? Would you know what to do if a news crew showed up at your business?

During the tenuous economic times, we’re getting more questions about how to protect your company brand in the midst of a crisis.  A crisis media plan helps to prepare staff to know how to respond to questions and to the media. A clear plan can protect your company and help maintain safety and security during a stressful situation, while sending an external message of preparedness. In times of crisis, it is essential that you deliver a quick, accurate and complete communications while still maintaining concern for individual privacy and legal responsibility.

Many companies have a crisis plan that is designed to educate the staff on protocol during a natural disaster or other trauma but often there has been a major issue forgotten…protocol for dealing with the media.  This week while we’re intently watching the progression of the hurricane, we should each look at our own company policies and communication procedures that are in place for emergencies.  And, make sure that we’ve shared those policies with everyone in the company…crisis plans have to be known to be used.

Published on: September 12, 2008