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Moving Forward to Create Moments in History

Today we pause to acknowledge the history making event of the decade and perhaps of the century – the swearing in of Barack Obama as President of the United States.  Whatever your political persuasion,  I would hope that we can agree that this is a historical and momentous occasion in our country.  There have been other moments in my lifetime that I still remember where I was at the moment of history making events  – on the streets of Seattle as the first ever female vice presidential candidate gave her speech;  having breakfast with my son and being in shock as the Twin Towers were first hit by the airplanes in front of millions of people on site and watching on tv; sitting with my best friend in her living room with our parents playing cards while the “long haired” Beatles performed for the first time on tv; and a vague recollection as a very young child of the funeral and the overwhelming sadness as we watched the funeral procession for President John F. Kennedy after his  assassination.

Today, take note of where you are during this historical moment.  Then, let’s each decide what role we can each play to help improve our economy and communities as we’re being asked to do from our new President.  Politics aside, we must each decide what “I” can do to change the state of affairs in our country.

Published on: January 20, 2009