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Communications and Basketball – The Matchup!

Communications and Basketball – The Matchup!

When you’re watching March Madness basketball, tune in to all of the similarities between the game and your business.

In your marketing and PR arena, you are determined to win new customers by scoring high on your ROI, so make sure your strategy is designed for victory. Know your target market and speak to them accordingly through your jumbotron (online marketing) and the game program (print communications). You only have their attention for a short while, so be succinct to make the most of it.

Full Court Press
When launching a marketing campaign, pull out all the stops and run with attention-getting and effective messaging, visuals, and market saturation.

Slam Dunk
Make your marketing and PR a slam dunk with a polished and timely brand and attractive graphic design that pops off the computer screen and the pages of your collateral. Don’t forget to utilize your champions by passing materials to each other for distribution to support your efforts. Empower employees to use their resource, cross promote with another business or organization, and ask existing clients to share a testimonial.

Make an assist every time with an attention-getting, functional website. It’s the perfect pairing for sales and marketing. In fact, it’s the backboard of your marketing because it tells your story, highlights your services and can be easily accessed.

Unlike in basketball, traveling is a good thing when it comes to getting your message to the marketplace. Use media relations and social media to run with your communication ball and hit the basket with print, radio, television and online exposure.

Take timeout to evaluate the success of your marketing efforts and make adjustments, if necessary.

Don’t foul out this season. Draft good people, shoot for good communication and drive your messages to your target market. The ball is in your court!

Published on: March 7, 2015