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5 Tips for Selling like the Minnesota State Fair

5 Tips for Selling like the Minnesota State Fair

What marketing tactic could you initiate to sell your product or service at corn dog capacity?

How could you get more customers to jump on board with your company,as they do the most popular Midway rides?

What State Fair attraction brings you back year after year and how could you make what you’re selling that appealing?

What does it take to market like the State Fair?

  1. Good and consistent products and services

Be sure your clients/customers get what they need and realize that it would be hard to live without it, like a warm bag of mini donuts.

  1. Clear, concise and consistent messages

Speak to your target market in a way that will resonate, time and time again, like Come to The Great Minnesota Get Together.

  1. Attention-getting graphics/visuals

Use them to accentuate your messages and attract attention like the State Fair logo and well-designed food and product images.

  1. Multiple touches

Like the corn dog and Pronto Pup stands on every corner of the fairgrounds, meet your market on every corner where they live, work and shop.

  1. Dedicated partners

Make sure you can count on your staff, creative team, vendors and suppliers to support your commitment to serving your clients like the State Fair counts on staff, summer workers and food and ice deliveries.

Remember, if it isn’t something that sticks, it isn’t “Fair,” so when you’re there, be aware of how The Great Minnesota Get Together markets to you and keeps you coming back for more!

Published on: August 26, 2016