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Tips for B2B Social Media Engagement

Coming up with a marketing strategy for your business can be challenging. When you talk about having a social media strategy, social media engagement is a crucial part to any online marketing strategy. Social media engagement can be difficult from a B2B marketing standpoint. Here a few important tips for your business to engage with its audience.

  • Think as a publisher and not a marketer. You don’t want to come across as only trying to promote or sell a product or service. Social media posts shouldn’t be used as sales pitches.
  • In addition, become more human. Social media users tend to respond more to a social media post that sounds like it’s coming from a real person, rather than another automated robotic-looking post from a social media account.
  • Listen and respond. Listen to what your followers are saying and the keywords you see often. Once you start using the keywords and posting timely content, it will be your opportunity to create engaging content. Once you get engagements, make sure you have timely responses to your audience.
  • Do your research. Know who you are targeting and why. You’ll want to know the habits of your specific audience in the B2B world to make any of your engagements work. 

Social media engagement should be a priority in your online marketing strategy and these tips are great key points to make sure you’re covering as you are engaging. What other engagements have worked for your business?

Published on: August 22, 2013