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Memorial Day: Let’s Remember


What do your Memorial Day posts communicate about your company or organization’s values?

Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start to summer, trips up many social media marketers. So much so, that a search of #MemorialDay fails yields more than 24 million results and the Washington Post created a video to help those who get confused.

Memorial Day posts, shares

Don’t get tripped up. If you are wondering what’s appropriate to post, then turn to the experts and share posts like this one. It’s professional content, and they will appreciate the increased reach.

Memorial Day is when we remember and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice; that is to say, they gave their lives for our country and our freedom. We owe a significant debt to their honor. It is always appropriate to post a remembrance on #MemorialDay, which we celebrate in the U.S. the last Monday of May. And when we post images honoring our flag, an eagle, a military grave or a military salute, it symbolizes respect and honor for those who died while in service to our flag and our country.

It’s different than Veteran’s Day

Memorial Day is different than Veterans Day, recognized annually on November 11, which celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans.

For most of us, Memorial Day Weekend is jam-packed with picnics, family time, graduation celebrations and home town parades. It is a federal holiday in the U.S., when schools, libraries, banks, professional services, and postal services close. Before we post about celebrations of an extra day off, it’s important to recognize the meaning of the holiday and honor the fallen.

#MemorialDayFails too many make

For many retailers, it’s a sales and promotion weekend, which is why too many marketers get tripped-up. Burgers, brats, boating and bathing suits usually don’t convey the honor and respect Military advocates expect and deserve. So be sure to avoid a #MemorialDayFail.

Proactive Social Media Plans

In short, be thoughtful. Take a proactive approach to plan social media campaigns this summer, starting now. Ensure your social media strategy:

  1. Aligns with and advances your organization’s values and goals
  2. Engages your brand ambassadors or most important audiences in two-way communication
  3. Increases awareness of your services or products
  4. Enhances organizational reputation
  5. Positively contributes to society’s collective conscience by entertaining, inspiring or educating in a meaningful way.

At CEL Marketing | PR | Design, we only take on a social media campaign that is part of a larger integrated marketing communications plan. That way we can ensure the creative aligns with an organization’s mission and values in an effective and lasting way.


Published on: May 20, 2019