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“Love and Other Drugs” Tackles Parkinson’s Disease

Today Anne Hathaway and Jake Jyllenhaal will hit the big screen in the movie Love and Other Drugs. In the movie, Anne Hathaway plays a young woman with early on-set Parkinson’s disease.

As someone who knows people with Parkinson’s disease and the challenges they face, I’m encouraged to see a major motion picture tackle the topic and thereby educate moviegoers on the disease.

Michael J. Fox has clearly run with that ball in past years, but I believe this film will reach a new generation of people who will learn about Parkinson’s and potentially be more understanding and sensitive to those who have it.

I commend KARE-TV for taking a local angle on Love and Other Drugs by interviewing

Love and Other Drugs

, a Minneapolis woman with Parkinson’s. Within their story, KARE 11 gave viewers a glimpse into a day in Jackie’s life and the lives of her family. Be sure to take a look at this story.

Unfortunately, Jackie won’t see the movie on opening day because she’s scheduled to have her second brain surgery to repair one of the leads to her brain, damaged by Parkinson’s.  But as an advocate for Parkinson education and a Board member of the Parkinson Association of Minnesota, she refused to let surgery get in the way of bringing her message to the public. She invited KARE 11 into her home last Saturday and shared her story. Thanks for your courage and powerful message, Jackie!

Published on: November 24, 2010