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Kentucky Roots Sponsorship and Nonprofit Appeal Fuel & Expand the Campaign

Kentucky Roots Sponsorship and Nonprofit Appeal Fuel & Expand the Campaign

Put yourself in their shoes. How could a campaign sponsorship work for you?

Choose community partners that have the potential to expand your reach and impact, while benefiting from your positioning and visibility within the community.

Duke Energy of Ohio and Kentucky has a tradition of corporate responsibility and community involvement while helping to build and nurture the communities where its employees and retirees live and work. They also have some key messages to get out to their customers about planting trees in the right place and calling before you dig. Their goals and mission came together in the form of a $20,000 campaign sponsorship.

Bring a charitable element into the campaign with a donation volunteer support to a nonprofit organization.

In this case, NKUCFC is a nonprofit. Had they been a for-profit tree care company or garden center, we would have invited a nonprofit forestry group into the fold because it increases exposure and makes it easier to get media coverage.

Speak to your target market and make sure your key messages are clear, concise and easy to interpret so action can be taken. Tell them what’s in it for them and appeal to their needs, while harnessing their community spirit.

Simple tree care messages were created and icons were designed to accompany them and circulated across three counties on the web, buses, banners, t-shirts, koozies, tattoos, and on message cards distributed at ballparks, speedways, banks, convenience stores, the zoo, and the arboretum. They were also played on the radio. Bright colors were used to depict a world with trees, and black and white framed a world without them.

Published on: November 4, 2014