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30 Years 30 Heroes: Major General Robert Shadley

In 1996, while serving at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, Major General Robert D. Shadley uncovered the insidious efforts of drill sergeants and other instructors at military bases to obtain sexual favors from female trainees. They called it GAM (“Game ala military”). He led his team through months of uncovering the abuse, getting help to the victims, and unveiling the felony level sexual assaults that were occurring.

Within his 33-year career as a military leader, Major General Shadley guided more than 3,500 military men and women in combat and over 20,000 students in training. He ranks uncovering and exposing the sexual abuse scandal at Aberdeen Proving Ground as the most challenging time of his military career.

Shadley recently told his story in his book, The GAMe – Unraveling a Military Sex Scandal and he continues to use his experience to speak out and address the sexual assault problem in the military and beyond.

Major General Shadley speaks, consults, and provides strategic planning, business development and leadership training to businesses, organizations and individuals. His lessons on leadership through crisis and doing the right thing are supporting and inspiring change within the military, businesses and the community. He is an exemplary example of commitment to the betterment of business, family and the community. Thank you, General Bob Shadley, for your service and for all you continue to do!

Published on: September 11, 2018