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Running… inspiration!

Setting goals and achieving those goals — while enjoying the journey along the way.

I applaud and am inspired by the recent accomplishment of our graphic designer Stacy Slygh.  A few months ago, she “mentioned” that she was going to train for a half marathon. Okay, running a half marathon is not something that I take lightly…and over the weeks and months I watched as she maintained her dedication to running and training despite the fact that she had an injury that may have stopped others in their tracks.  While I at least would have complained a bit about my pains, she remained focused and positive as she sought out the advice of doctors, naturalists, therapists, and other runners.  She finished the race — in the top 10% of the runners – triumphant (and looking fabulous!!)   Kudos to Stacy!


And, I again was reminded that business and life in general are really very much like running a race — one can prepare, seek advice and help from others, and accept the encouragement along the way from others, and ultimately get to the finish line.  I doubt that this is the last time that Stacy will run — just as in business we move on to the next step.  And, if we’re paying attention, perhaps we learn from the race something that will help us in the next race….

~ Cindy, CEO of C.E.L.

Published on: June 19, 2009