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How Many Pages Should You Have On Your Website?

One-page websites are becoming more popular, due to advanced mouse technology, making scrolling over a web page easier and more efficient. Navigating up and down is becoming a preference over clicking and linking to multiple pages of a website. “Website visitors are in a hurry,” says Rogers. “So simplification is appealing. ”

Building one-page websites doesn’t mean that you lose your navigation system. You can still include sections like About Us, Services, and Contact Us. However, when you click on those navigation buttons, they simply link to a lower section of the page, instead of taking you to a whole new one.

Visuals Guides are Key

Graphics and animation are also becoming more popular because they are more “show” than “tell.” And reducing the amount of copy on a page is a winning strategy. Images can be activated by scrolling, creating an interactive experience for website visitors. This hot technique is called “parallax scrolling,” and it makes the background move at a lower rate than the foreground, creating a 3-D effect.

Video is also becoming more prevalent and can tell your company story quickly and effectively. YouTube is the number two search engine, so adding video to your site not only adds energy, but it also boosts your search engine ranking.

Mobile First

Mobile-first is now paramount for website design. In 2015 mobile traffic on the internet reached 51% and surpassed desktop use. The majority of people read and conduct business on mobile devices, which allows transactions anywhere, anytime and increases business revenue. If you are not yet mobile-first, contact us to get started on your web-redesign. There is no question, it’s worth the ROI.

Assess before you build

What’s right for your business? Assess your goals and audiences. Clearly define your target market before you build or update your website. Regardless of what’s popular, you need to speak to your customers in a way that they will embrace, understand and act. Enhance the user experience and see your business grow.

Published on: March 31, 2014