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Generate More Business by Putting Your PR in Action

What does it mean to put your PR in action? At our Minneapolis public relations firm, it’s about putting our clients in the spotlight in the media, online and in the communities they serve, so they can strut their stuff. It’s about telling their story and highlighting what makes them the best at what they do.

When you put your PR in action, you begin to build trust with your target market, so when a need arises for the services you provide, you’re the first call.

As you enter the spotlight, remember to use consistent key messages that clearly define your brand, your services and your success, along with examples of your achievements.

We’ve had the pleasure of helping multiple companies put their PR in action and have watched them reap the benefits personally and professionally. Here are some examples:

River of Goods, our client and the largest distributor of tiffany-style lamps in the country, put their PR in action by traveling to Breezy Point, NY. They went on a mission to distribute 200 lamps to the first responders and firefighters who risked their lives to save lives and property during Hurricane Sandy. By doing so, they also revealed their company’s sincere commitment to giving back. The heartfelt gift made it possible for CEL to secure coverage on Good Morning America and the firefighters said the lamps would be “a beacon of hope” as they rebuild their homes and community.

As public relations partner to Business & Estate Advisers, we help implement the B&E Exceptional Service Award in Rice Lake, Wisconsin and Wayzata, Minnesota.  In an effort to help build a strong business community and acknowledge businesses with outstanding customer service, the award is presented quarterly to noteworthy businesses, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce. The award increases their visibility in the communities they serve, while positioning them as a business leader and community supporter.

So, take the step. Define what sets you apart from your competition, identify your passion and put your PR in action.

Published on: July 11, 2013