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7 Ways to Make Meta (aka Facebook) Work for You

Facebook is changing (again!), and your frustration is growing.  Andrea Gribble of SocialSchool4Edu joined CEL’s Kristin Boyd Edwards and Tyler Parsons to give tips and tactics about how you can take advantage of Meta’s new transformation.

Key Takeaways from Webinar

  • Every person has a personal Facebook account set as an admin in Business Manager
  • Understand when to post content on Facebook and Instagram from Meta Business Suite
  • Consider beginning (or expanding) your Instagram strategy
  • Identifying key evaluations for your Meta strategy
  • Learn the concepts and options for Meta advertising
  • Changes to Facebook Home Feed

Changes to Facebook Home Feed

Facebook’s new algorithm shows users more suggested content from pages and accounts those users don’t follow. In fact, on average, 15% of content in a user’s news feed is suggested content and that number is expected to double by next year.

What does that mean for your organization?

It means you’re fighting even more for views and engagement from your audience. It’s important to provide valuable, engaging content to be seen!

What’s New With Facebook?

“Fake” Facebook Profiles

Facebook no longer allows ‘fake profiles’ for school pages or to manage accounts. Every official Facebook page now has to be managed by a verified personal Facebook account.

Your personal information will not be shared with the page or its audience. If you are still using a fake profile, it’s important to switch ASAP before Facebook disables or freezes your account and pages you manage.
Get more tips on accounts and using Business Manager.

Facebook Reels

It’s a TikTok world… and Facebook is moving in. Facebook Reels are short videos that appear in your audiences’ timelines and see increased engagement compared to regular posts and photos. It may take more time to create a Reel but the payoff is more than worth it!

Using Instagram

More than 60 percent of users on Instagram are 18-34 years old. It’s an active audience and eager for video content. Instagram Reels (like Facebook Reels) boost engagement 10x over a regular photo post.
Learn how to create posts, stories, and conduct takeovers on the webinar!

Should I be using Meta Ads?

Advertising on Meta is a great way to create call-to-actions from an audience that may not follow your page or engage with your organization. You can use advertising to promote enrollment, special programs, or build your email lists of parents looking for schools for young children.

Published on: October 3, 2022