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Speak your mind and find answers on social media forums

Want to ask questions or give feedback to a company or brand? Use social media forums to post your comments and find answers.

“One helpful aspect of social media forums is that instead of calling a customer service number or waiting for someone from the company to respond to you, there are most likely other users/customers out there on the forums who can help get you answers or advice,” said Chelsea Janke, Social Media Administrator at C.E.L.

Facebook pages are a great example of a social media site where you can give and get answers. Try searching for the brand’s company profile page or group.  Your feedback on these forums can be very constructive for the company as well, allowing them to potentially solve problems and answer questions for their customers. Yahoo Answers is a great online resource for advice as well.

Do you own your own company? What are your clients saying about your brand online?

Tell us your favorite or most reliable social media forum.

Published on: October 6, 2010