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Does Your Website’s Photography Help or Hinder Your Brand?

According to, a new “eye tracking survey” has found that the images on your website have a strong effect on the amount of time that viewers spend looking at your site. The article reports “images placed on websites purely for decoration are largely ignored, whereas images of real people associated with the content, or images containing product information, are studied more closely.” So what does this mean about the way your website relates to your brand image?

Photographer John Ray believes that having high-quality images on your website raises your brand standard. “When I go to websites and see Do-It-Yourself photography or simple stock photos, it downgrades the perception of quality and professionalism of the company or brand that it represents,” said Ray. “In order to give a high-quality message, you’re image has to be represented with high-quality imagery.”

Ray knows that professional photos are especially necessary when it comes to headshots. For example, the portrait of an event or party planner should present a vastly different image than a senior partner at a financial firm. The images you use need to speak specifically to your target market in order to be taken seriously. They have to meet the audience expectations and standards in order to help, rather than hinder, your brand image.

A picture is worth 1000 words, so what are your website photos saying about you?

Published on: November 11, 2010