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App of the Week Helps You Upload Photos to Facebook

Are you sick of uploading photos from your mobile device to Facebook and having the photos go into a “mobile uploads” album? The iLoader app is your solution. This app easily allows you to batch photos and videos to upload to Facebook and create a new album for them.


  • Multiple photos. Upload multiple photos simultaneously. Even if you don’t have a network connection at the time, iLoader will save them and upload when you do. 
  • Photo features. iLoader allows you to add photo captions, tag friends and rotate before uploading.
  • Video features. You can now add video titles and descriptions, trim and edit videos, watch them before posting and set privacy settings.
  • Create photo albums. iLoader allows you to create and name a new photo album for you batch of new photos to upload. No more “mobile uploads” albums for your Facebook page.

The iLoader app is $0.99, or you can get the upgraded, newer iLoader 2 for $1.99. A small price for a potential big time-saver.

Published on: October 30, 2013