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App of the Week: Notes Plus

Notes Plus AppThis paid app ($8.99) is for all you heavy note-takers. Notes Plus is a note-taking app that provides an easier way to take notes on a tablet and save and share those notes for later.

There are many note apps out there, but many of them can pose problems for some when it comes to readability, writing abilities or sharing capabilities. Notes Plus seems to handle all of these issues. Here are some of the great features of Notes Plus.

  1. Organized notebooks and folders. Create notebooks based on how you want to organize your meeting notes. Create a notebook for clients, one for staff meetings, and maybe one for your projects at home. 
  2. Writing features and tools. Notes Plus offers a good variety of writing tools and features in order to help you keep your notes readable, organized and sorted how you want them.
  3. Audio notes. Notes Plus allows you to record your meeting or notes within the app and keep them in a notebook.
  4. Navigation. Notes Plus, although it may take a few minutes to learn, makes it easy for users to navigate from notebook to notebook with a swipe of the finger or with its handy sidebar.
  5. Another great feature is the ability to grab text. By drawing a circle around text, you are able to grab it and move it wherever you would like, as shown in the image above.
  6. This app also integrates with Dropbox and Google Docs and makes it easy to send off notes through email as a PDF. It also includes a feature of translating handwritten notes to text, but for an additional $1.99.

Another fun fact about this great note-taking app is that it includes a left-handed mode! So if you’re looking for the ultimate note-taking app to get all your on-the-go notes organized, maybe Notes Plus is the right fit for you.

Published on: September 11, 2013