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From Pawns to Profitability

I know business is more than just the bottom line and yesterday Joe Reilly reinforced that belief.   TwinWest Chamber of Commerce featured Joe Reilly, founder of Payroll Control Systems as the keynote speaker at their annual meeting.  In his infamous way of telling stories, Joe shared his personal story “From Pawns to Profitability.”  He told of his friends cashing in on their vehicles to get him cash, his wife on more than one occasion pawning her jewelry to help meet payroll, and his parents showing him risk-taking through horse racing.  (Okay, if you want to know more of the details, you’ll have to call Joe!)

There’s even more to Joe’s story that he didn’t tell the crowd yesterday.  I met Joe through the TwinWest Chamber more than 12 years ago, and he always has taken an interest in the people around him. It isn’t always the obvious things he pays attention to; sometimes during our participation in Chamber events, we discussed our beverages of choice.  Three months later Joe showed up at my office with a beautiful cloth-wrapped liquor that he carried back with him from his trip.  Now, let me be clear…it wasn’t the gift that got our payroll business, but it was Joe’s attention to details that has been evident both personally and professionally.

Life has a way of coming full circle – giving and receiving.  Joe Reilly, my applause to you for your success and your recognition as Entrepreneur of the Year!  And, thanks for allowing us to give back and help you tell your story.

(Oh, for those who weren’t in attendance yesterday…one key piece of advice from Joe is that “cash is king” when it comes to succeeding in business.)

Cindy Leines, CEO & Strategist at C.E.L.

Published on: October 7, 2010